A high-intensity, full body workout with a fun and upbeat playlist that takes yoga sculpt to a whole new level. This class incorporates weights into yoga sequences with cardio bursts intertwined to build muscle, improve endurance, and rev up your metabolism. Our signature series will take you beyond your edge, inspiring you to overcome physical limitations and find the confidence to grow. Mind over matter.




Get lost in our invigorating sequence guided by your breath. This is a full-body workout that includes fast-paced flows, a dedicated core sequence, and dynamic balance challenges enhanced by an energizing playlist. You will elevate your heart rate, strengthen your body, and increase your flexibility. Expect to sweat.




This intentional vinyasa flow incorporates longer holds to breathe deeper into poses challenging your muscles, building an internal heat, boosting stamina, and balancing the mind. With candles and essential oils, we’ve created the perfect environment to allow you to fully tune into your senses and become present in the moment. Leave class feeling powerful, revitalized, and stress-free. Bliss.




Sculpt lean muscle through barre work, pilates and yoga. This is a demanding class which focuses on high-rep movements and small isometric contractions, leaving you stronger, more balanced, and toned. Develop a whole new level of awareness to your body. If you are new to barre, NO WORRIES - just expect to be sore!




Get the best of both worlds. Our Barre Fusion is 60 minutes of high intensity barre exercises intertwined with yoga and breath work, helping you find the balance between physical strength and mindfulness. Think toned arms, abs, thighs, and glutes with the yoga high. You’re welcome.




Strengthen your muscles and build bone density as you move through a blend of functional exercises & yoga postures. This class is done entirely on a yoga mat and is completely low impact. *Light weights & other props are often incorporated into class.

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