Our signature Sculpt will help you build stamina and increase strength. A typical class will begin with an all over body warm up, and then move on to a mix of compound exercises (exercises that focus on big muscle groups) and cardio bursts to keep your heart rate up. And of course, there is ALWAYS a challenging core and glute workout mixed in. But don’t worry! We end each workout with a full body stretch.

*Most sculpting classes will use a combination of stability balls, exercise bands, and dumbbells.


This class is a total body workout designed to sculpt every major muscle group by combining yoga postures with functional strength training and cardio. Expect a challenging workout! Our Sculpt & Flow classes tend to be upbeat and very energetic. This is a wonderful compliment to any current routine that you may have.


Get lost in our invigorating power vinyasa sequences guided by your breath. This style of yoga will not only create flexibility and balance, but it will also give you a full-body workout. Class will include faster-paced flows, a dedicated core sequence, and dynamic balance challenges. You will elevate your heart rate, strengthen your body, and increase your mobility.

*Classes build on top of one another each week so that you can grow in your practice.



This calming, intentional vinyasa flow will allow you to fully tune in to your senses and become present in the moment. In each class, you will be given time to explore and flow on your own. Leave class feeling powerful, revitalized, and stress-free. . .Bliss.

* Classes are candle lit/Beginner Friendly



This class combines the mindfulness aspect of yoga and the endurance work of barre. In each class we focus on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen your body in ways that few other workouts can. Lucky for you, we flow in and out of the exercises so that you have time to rest and recover. Think barre burn with a yoga high.

*All exercises are low impact and easy on the joints.



This "no bar" barre workout is a thigh, booty, and core blaster. 

Just like a standard barre workout, class will focus on small targeted movements and high repetitions to fatigue and work your muscles in ways that few other workouts can. Low-impact, high-intensity movements using light weights, core balls, resistance bands, and ankle weights will truly test your endurance and get your heart pumping. You will be forced to use your core like never before as you rely on the balance that you create without having an actual barre.​

*All exercises are low impact and easy on the joints.

*Great for both beginners and experienced barre enthusiasts.